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For most pop groups, fame was as fleeting as the money they earned. The commercial shelf life of the images in our collection was just as short-lived.

The majority of our photographs, captured outside the controlled atmosphere of a photo studio, were taken spontaneously amid the bustle of television sound stages. The photographers, often working on assignment from a photo agency, jockeyed with competing photographers while dodging massive analog television cameras and distracted floor directors to get their shots.

The few photographs chosen for the weekly music papers, such as the NME, Melody Maker, and Record Mirror, were reproduced on cheap newsprint, often with hyperbolic copy blocking most of the images. After publication, the negatives were filed and forgotten.

Our mission at Ready Steady Pop! is to bring these lost images to light, share their story, and present them by utilizing the finest archival methods and materials available.

Ready Steady Pop! is ever-evolving. Our stable will continue to grow even as editions sell out. Be sure to follow us on social media and join our mailing list to get the latest scoop on new and upcoming releases.

Meet Our Curator

When he isn't obsessing over the latest round of prints or researching the exact Greenwich Village street address of a specific Lovin' Spoonful photoshoot, L.T. Myers is a guitar and vinyl collector. He's intently drawn to vintage photographs and the stories behind them.

While still in his teens, Myers began a career in animation as an artist on CBS's Captain Kangaroo Show. In addition to innumerable television commercials, Myers has contributed to a long list of animated television series, including Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. and Cartoon Network's Codename: Kids Next Door

One of Myers' earliest memories is watching The Beatles' first three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, which sparked a lifelong passion for the music and groups of the British Invasion.