Archival Care

The following is a guide for optimum enjoyment of your Giclée prints. First and foremost, treat your image as you would a piece of original art. That means:
  • Carefully remove all packing tape to avoid any possibility of adhesive coming into contact with the print's surface.
  • Carefully handle your print at the edges using both hands to support and prevent folding. We strongly recommend using cotton gloves, as the oils from your hands can affect the archival stability of the paper.
  • Fingerprints will leave a permanent mark on darker print areas. Don't forget your cotton gloves.
  • Be gentle. Fine art papers are fibrous and easily scuff.
  • Carefully use a clean, soft-bristled goat's hair brush (or similar) to remove dust. Never use water or solvents. Dust lightly to avoid scuffing the image.
  • Avoid using the shipping carton for long-term storage of your print. The materials used for shipping are not archival. However, the archival envelope or vellum overlay included with your order is acid-free and stable. Seek out a flat-file to safely store your print before framing.
  • Choose professional framers who use archival (acid-free) framing supplies and UV-resistant glass or plexiglass.
  • Keep the print away from moisture and condensation. Avoid hanging your framed art in kitchens, bathrooms, or other high-humidity rooms.
  • Do not store or exhibit your print in direct sunlight or in a setting that has chemical gassing (freshly painted walls or other fumes). Although your Giclée is archival, sunlight will inevitably fade the colors. Be aware of the print's environment.
  • Wear cotton gloves!