Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Do you own the images?

A. Yes. Ready Steady Pop! LLC controls the copyrights and owns the original negatives to all of our images. The negatives were acquired directly from the former copyright holders, i.e. the photographers themselves, their estates, photo agencies, or third-party holders. The lineage of each image is listed in their accompanying Story sections.


Q. Why are your prints so expensive? 

A. Our prints are priced relative to the rarity of the original negatives, their quality, and their historical significance. Our pricing is very modest when compared to other well known galleries exhibiting similar subjects. As mentioned elsewhere on our site, Ready Steady Pop! does not serve as an agent, intermediary, or representative to any photographer or their estate. In other words, we do not operate as a middle-man. We alone control our images and that is reflected in our pricing. 


Q. I'm in a hurry. Can I place a rush order for a gift?

A. Ready Steady Pop! processes orders in the order they were received. That said, we will strive to process your order as swiftly as possible. Framed orders will naturally take longer to process than unframed orders.

If you happen to find yourself looking for a gift at the eleventh hour, we would suggest giving a Ready Steady Pop! Gift Card. RSP! Gift Cards are quickly processed and delivered via email.


Q. Who does your framing?

A. Ready Steady Pop! is proud to partner with Framing Devil of Los Angeles.


Q. Which paper should I choose?

A. Choosing a paper is a matter of personal preference. The 'feel' of a paper is an important consideration that is sometimes overlooked. Both of our papers feel substantial. Both are heavyweight, high-quality, 100% acid-free cotton papers. Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper (350gm) is slightly thicker than Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Pearl (320gm).

The matte texture of Museum Etching lends a soulful, artistic look to prints, especially with images exhibiting a higher granularity. The subtle gloss surface of Photo Rag® Pearl provides a slightly tighter focus to details and a finer texture.


Q. Can I download an image for my YouTube channel?

A. Not without a licensing agreement or the expressed written permission of Ready Steady Pop! LLC or our representatives. Downloading or copying our images without permission is copyright infringement.